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MOORE ROD Inc. Manufactures a Premium Line of continuous Oilfield Sucker Rod.


Manufacturing Processes are Automated and Laboratory Tested.


Latest Technologies are Utilized in the Manufacturing and Metallurgical Testing Processes.


Years of Rod Manufacturing and Product Knowledge within the
Management and Operations Team.


Professional Engineered Product and Manufacturing Process.

Moore Rod Benefits and Features:

ENDLESS ROD® Joins Surface Drive Unit to Downhole Pump with only One Top and One Bottom Threaded Coupling. All Other Rod Couplings Eliminated.

Rod Loading on Tubing is Widely Distributed Enhancing Tubing Life.
Concentrated Tubing Wear at Rod Couplings is Eliminated.

Quench and Temper Heat Treatment Processes Increase Fatigue Life.
Improved Resistance to Bending and Flexing.

Raw Material Steel is specified and supplied to a high level of microscopic uniformity and cleanliness. Ensuring Fatigue Properties.

Responsive Product Delivery and Customer Service.

Manufacturing Planning Meets Customer Requirements

ENDLESS ROD® Specifications

ENDLESS ROD® is a registered trademark of Moore Rod Inc.
Moore Rod Inc.
2003 - 5th Street
Nisku, Alberta T9E 7X4
PH: 780 955 8836
Fax: 780 955 8818

2003 - 5th Street
Nisku, Alberta T9E 7X4
PH: 780 955 8836
Fax: 780 955 8818

Moore Rod Inc.
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